Guys and Dolls

18th - 21st January 2012

London Oratory School Theatre

Seagrave Road


Director: Jonny Clines
Musical director: Steven Geraghty
Choreographer: Kim Findlay

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Desperate to find money to pay for his floating crap game, Nathan Detroit bets Sky Masterson a thousand dollars that Sky will not be able to take a local Salvation Army girl, Sarah Brown, to Cuba. While Sky eventually is able to convince Sarah to join him, Nathan battles with his fiancé of fourteen years, Adelaide.

Meanwhile in Cuba, Sky ends up falling in love with Sarah and tries to reform his gambling ways. When he returns back to New York, he bets all the members of the floating crap game that if he wins his roll of the dice, they will all have to go to church and repent. If he loses, he will give them each a thousand dollars. He ends up winning and all the gamblers end up visiting the mission and repenting their sins.


Sarah Brown - Danielle White
Sky Masterson - Alan Reiss
Miss Adelaide - Katy Goddard
Nathan Detroit - Mark Smith
Nicely, Nicely - James Brookbanks
Benny Southstreet - Olly Medlicott
Rusty Charlie - Seamus Grey
General Cartwright - Susan Sworn
Agatha - Fran Hughes
Harry The Horse - Gavin Murphy
Big Jule - Rob Malone
Lt Brannigan - Liam Walls
Joey Biltmore - Mike Gibson
Master of Ceremonies - Daniel Stephenson
Mimi - Jan Reiss
Arvide - Charlie Richards

Hot Box Girls - Bianca Lloyd-King, Flo Nash, Ceris Thomas, Jess Bunker, Natalie Leong, Angie Schultz, Sarah Norton, Jan Reiss, Sally Reeve, Ruth Cocks

Female ensemble - Kizzy Jackson, Aimee Parnell, Sarah Hurley, Gilly Low, Philippa Stone, Clare Hurley, Annmarie Wilson, Rebecca Blake, Jessica Tanner

Male ensemble - Nathan Benson, Mike Gibson, David Hamilton, Daniel Stephenson


Photography by Nicole Rush


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