Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

15 - 18 February 2017

London Oratory School Theatre
Seagrave Road

Director: Damian Sandys
Musical director: Kris Rawlinson
Choreographer: Kim Schenkelaars
Assistant director: Jamie Miller
Producer: Sarah Prescott

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About the show:

Performed by Cygnets direct from the West End and its recent UK tour, and described as a 'scandalous delight' by London critics, the stage show was based on the 1988 film of the same name.

The action is set on the French Riviera, where a debonair English con man, masquerading as a disinherited prince, seduces unattached ladies and persuades them to part with their cash. He has the local police chief in his pocket and all is going well, until a rival con man arrives in town, and threatens his lucrative pitch. 


Lawrence: Jonny Clines
Freddy: Russell Hughes
Christine: Charlotte Donald
Muriel: Katy Goddard
Andre: Russell Bramley
Jolene: Rachel Kitchen
Renee: Sarah Grey
Gerard: Will Prescott
Lenore: Beci Sageman
Sophia: Sally Reeve
Croupier: Leoncio Hernandez
Conductor: Nino Stylianou
Hotel Manager: Rob Malone
Nikos: Gavin Murphy
Dance captain: Lauren O'Mara

Female ensemble: 
Millie Asquith, Emily Atkinson, Emily Bowers, Natalie Cave, Phoebe Fleetham, Lizzie Kempson, Deborah Lowe, Emily O'Mahony, Lauren O'Mara, Aimee Parnell, Madeleine Pullen, Helen Reeve Morris, Michelle Remnant, Vicki Rice, Kirsty Rome, Angie Schultz

Male ensemble: 
Sean Anderson, Freddy Bowen, Alex Johnson, Darren Lewis, Ewan Ridgewell, Jamie Wright


Photography by Micah Joel

Show Reviews

“Cygnet Players should once again be rightly proud of what they achieved with Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Comedy is notoriously difficult to do well but they sailed through this with ease, giving us frequent laughs, toe-tapping dance routines and left me wanting to download the cast recording so I could re-live some of the numbers.”

 “Rachel Kitchen’s portrayal of Jolene was one of the highlights of the show for me. She had great energy and led the number Oklahoma brilliantly.”

Sarah McPartlan
Musical Theatre Musings Review

“Jonny Clines as the leading con man was suave and projected the regal feel essential for his unlikely background as a deposed prince … His rendition of ‘Love sneaks in’ was the musical highlight of the show.”

“Charlotte Donald, a superb dancer as well as an excellent singer, was perfect for the part giving it real presence.”

Tony Sweeney
NODA Review

“The highlight is Hughes as Freddy ... so very natural and understated in the role that it is perfectly pitched. From rookie swindler, to devastated sufferer of Dance Fever, to PC-challenging Ruprecht, each role is effortlessly portrayed with comic timing to boot.”

“What I really enjoyed ... was the amount of dance and ensemble movement ... Choreographer Kim Schenkelaars created simple, beautiful routines that seamlessly complemented the songs.”

"Cygnet Players have once again charmed me with their simple and precise portrayal of a show.”

From the House Seats Review

“The comedy duo that really came into their own during act two was Katy Thompson and Russell Bramley. They were perfect together, and their post-coital scene on the balcony was laugh-out-loud funny. Russell particularly had exceptional comic timing throughout.”

“I also absolutely adored all the costumes. The whole show was a rainbow of colour.”

Jess Pether
Sardines Review

"Rachel Kitchen (Elle) was ideal for the role and her transformation from a blonde airhead to a strong savvy woman really gave the show backbone and was delivered to perfection"

Tony Sweeney
NODA Review

"Kate Chesworth played the comedic role of Paulette and this was an example of perfect casting. Her facial expressions alone had me laughing along with Paulette, with the Irish section in Legally Blonde remix being a perfect example."

"This is a fun production which is worth seeing for Rachel Kitchen as Elle alone. It stays true to the spirit of Legally Blonde and they balance the froth on the surface well with its true message of looking beneath the surface. Well done to all at Cygnet players for another success!"

Sarah McPartlan
Musical Theatre Musings Review

"It really was a bright and lively piece, which sits up there with several previous Cygnets shows."

"The show's final number, 'Look at me', left me in tears - these three ladies were a true triumph and all equally impressive."

"The production line of outstanding productions continues apace. Congratulations to all involved."

Steve Macvicar
NODA Review

"The was an excellent production of a technically complex show, and should be considered a great achievement for this rapidly expanding company."

"Charlotte Donald, Helen Burgess-Bartlett and Rhian Roberts effectively owned the stage each time they appeared, ensuring all eyes were upon them, and playing off each other very effectively."

Chris Abbott
Sardines Review

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