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Legally Blonde   September 2016
Putney Arts Theatre
The Witches of Eastwick

February 2015
London Oratory School Theatre
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The Full Monty September 2015
Putney Arts Theatre
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Hairspray February 2016
London Oratory School Theatre
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Parade NODA review

We were very proud of the production of Parade we staged back at the beginning of October. But it’s always nice to read that NODA thought so too… Take a look at the fantastic full review for our most recent production. Here are a few highlights: 

“From the moment the action started with the stirring “The Old Red Hills of Rome” and the individual voices of Nick Dore and Juan Miralles, I knew we were on for a winner.”

“Stephen’s physicality [as Leo Frank] was excellent, never once dropping any ounce of character from this relatively insignificant individual yet he will never be forgotten.”

“Usually within a production there is at the very least the odd sub principal who is a bit wooden or tuneless but I can honestly say everyone on stage was enhancing the production not detracting from it.” 

We’re so pleased to have received such a unanimously positive review from NODA. We’ll leave you with a comment that we think sums up all that we ever wanted Cygnets to be: 

“The conveyor belt of high quality productions that Cygnets present is now quite staggering. Year on year the standards are rising and south-west London theatregoers are reaping the benefits.” 

Thank you to our cast, crew, production team, audiences for helping make our society what it is today. And here’s to entertaining audiences for many years to come! 

Download this file (NODA_Parade_review.pdf)Parade NODA review330 kB

The Witches of Eastwick cast announced

After several hours of auditions (and a very patient audition panel!), we're very excited to reveal the cast for our February 2015 show, The Witches of Eastwick. Our talented line-up includes: 

Alexandra Spofford – Helen Burgess-Bartlett
Jane Smart – Charlotte Donald
Sukie Rougemont – Rhian Roberts
Darryl Van Horne – Alex Robertson
Felicia Gabriel – Kate Chesworth
Clyde Gabriel – Neil Wease
Michael Spofford – Chris Foxwell
Little Girl – Beth Wilkinson
Fidel – Kob Yeboah
Gina Marino – Cassie Pearson
Joe Marino – Peter Beaven
Brenda Parsley – Susan Sworn
Ed Parsley – Rob Malone
Greta Neff – Aimee Parnell
Raymond Neff – Nick Dore
Marge Perly – Jo Pandolfi
Rebecca – Vicki Rice

Gemma Rushton, Hannah Voss, Phoebe Morris, Rosie Miles, Sarah Norton, Charlotte Critchlow, Anna Bosanko, Jac Norris, Zoe Dobell, Tess Dowdeswell, Hannah McKenna-Vickerstaff, Alice Massey, Lizzie Brignall, Jamie Wright, Ailie Donaldson, Nicky Henderson, Deborah Lowe, Ashleigh Carter, Peter Wheeler, Amy Cook, Millie Kirby, Tommy Cawkwell and Michelle Remnant.

Well one to all who were successful. We're already looking forward to what promises to be another great Cygnet show! Why not book your tickets now to secure the best seats? See you there!

A new year, a new chairman!

Following our AGM last week, we bid a fond farewell to our chairman of the last four years, Jonny Clines.

Jonny was a founder member of Cygnets, and has contributed so much to the company over the years. We'll miss him at our helm! We also say goodbye and a big thank you to committee members Ceris Hymas and Nathan Benson.

But, it's not all doom and gloom! We have a brand new chairman in the form of the wonderful Sarah Norton, and we're also very pleased to welcome several new committee members: Charlotte Critchlow, Zoe Dobell, Katie Dyer, Russell Hughes, Deborah Lowe, Jamie Miller and Andrew Thompson.

Here's to an exciting year ahead with a great Cygnet team taking us forward! 

Cygnet Players 2014 AGM

The Annual General Meeting for Cygnet Players 2014 will take place on Thursday 16th October at 7.30pm at St Barnabas Church. All current members of Cygnet Players are able to attend and vote.

The committee will make an annual report to the meeting and present the accounts, followed by the election of the committee for 2014-15. Please come and support your society, find out about what's been happening, give your views about the future direction of the society, and ask any questions.

After 4 years service, Jonny Clines has decided to stand down from the role as Chairman of the society. Luckily, a candidate has come forward to take on the role of Chairman, and we also have several people interested in joining the committee for the next year, which is great news! 

We look forward to seeing all our members there. 

Avenue Q NODA review

Hands up who likes reading lovely show reviews? Well, we certainly do! And fortunately, the NODA review for our latest production, Avenue Q, doesn’t disappoint! 

Steve Macvicar, our NODA rep, made some lovely comments about the show, including: 

“I was blown away by the genuine quality”

“I also sensed a feelgood factor around the production which emanates from an upbeat show with killer performances, which this show had in abundance.”

And, of our director, “Katy Goddard moulded the action superbly.”

Take a look at the full write up here. 

Download this file (NODA_AvenueQ_review.pdf)Avenue Q NODA review302 kB

Legally Blonde: the SW London premiere

Omigod, omigod you guys… we have the most amazing news for you! Cygnet Players are hugely excited to announce that we’ll be performing the SOUTH WEST LONDON AMATEUR PREMIERE of the Broadway and West End smash hit musical, LEGALLY BLONDE, at the Putney Arts Theatre in September 2016

After a successful stint on Broadway, three years in the West End, and a national tour, plus an armful of awards, Legally Blonde is hitting Putney! 

And we’re probably as shocked as anyone about getting the rights to this great show – because at first it looked like we weren’t going to. But what a great surprise – and what a fantastic show! 

Elle Woods can handle anything. So when her boyfriend, Warner, dumps her, she decides to follow him to Harvard Law School and win him back. With some help from newfound friends Paulette, Emmett and her chihuahua Bruiser, she learns that it’s so much better to be smart. 

This all-singing, all-dancing romantic comedy is about knowing who you are, and showing what you’ve got – and we can’t wait to bring it to a stage near you! 

Announcing our new partner

We are delighted to announce that we have secured a show sponsor for our next four shows - letyano Ltd.

letyano have developed a new app for smart phones that allows users to give instant feedback on a service or product they've experienced, in return for a reward. The company is targeting SW London and they see Cygnet Players as a great way to spread the word about their service and encourage people to download and use the app.

In return, we've negotiated a good sponsorship deal and we'll also be set up as a client on the app. This will allow our audiences to fill out a quick questionnaire and give us feedback on the show they're seeing that night. It should give us valuable information on who our audiences are and what they think about the quality of our shows - which will of course help us to make our future shows even better.

This deal will give Cygnets added financial security and, together with our company sponsor, ABC Selfstore, puts the company in a strong position going forward.

We would love it if you could spend a few minutes to download the app now and see what rewards are available for you in your local area. The app is free and typically clients include local bars, coffee shops and restaurants. As the business grows, more and more rewards will become available.

You'll be seeing the letyano logo on all our publicity going forward, so look out for it, and please spread the word to any friends and colleagues who might also be interested.


Calendar of Events

Thu 16th October
Cygnet Players 2014 AGM

Thu 16th October
Witches of Eastwick first meeting

Tue 21st October
Witches of Eastwick audition prep

Thu 23rd October 
Witches of Eastwick audition prep

Tue 28th October
Witches of Eastwick auditions


Sun 2nd November
Witches of Eastwick auditions

Tue 4th November
Witches of Eastwick recalls

Sun 16th November

Cygnet quiz night


Sat 13th December
Cygnets Entertain!
It's back - the Christmas party with a difference: Cygnets Entertain Cygnets!

Fri 19th December
Cygnets Xmas curry night
Join us for one last curry before the turkey overload!


Show Reviews

"The whole production was slick, well performed and of a very high standard."

"It was a fantastic show, I want to book another ticket and come see it to laugh all over again!"

Steve Rikard
Sardines Magazine Review

"Your audience were in stitches regularly and this is not just because of the quality of the material but because of the quality of the delivery."

"Congratulations to Ian Ward for directing such a tight production."

Stephen Macvicar 
NODA Review

"The cast were very strong and executed well both script and score with much skill and aplomb."

"It is difficult to get the balance right with this show between the drama and the comedy/pantomime and I thought you achieved the balance pretty much perfectly."

Stephen Macvicar 

'I have to say at this point that this production is one of the best non-professional I have ever seen! Finding fault was very nigh on impossible as the cast were of a very high standard and to give nothing away, provided us with a lead performance that was pure excellence.'

Stephen Macvicar

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